About the Expo

My Health and Wellness Expo is located in over 12 markets across the United States  and has been produced in conjunction with our sister show, Women's

Day Out Expo.  The goal of the shows are to create a venue where companies, groups and individuals who are in the business of promoting health and wellness products and services could have a targeted and specialized location to share information. Consumers would also have the opportunity to visit this venue as a safe haven for collecting information, products and services that offer choices for the improvement of their well-being.  Our events are attended by men and women who are seeking information from local health professionals.  Attendees speak highly of the seminars that they attend free of charge and also of the ability to schedule appointments on-site at the expo with a healthcare practitioners.  


You've got a story to tell, and here's where you do it. Tell 'em who you are, why you do what you do, and how it's better than everyone else out there. This is the place to reel them in with your unique take on your slice of the world.


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